Martin Njamba was born in Zambia. In 1995 as a student in Czech Rep. he surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. He began his Ministry on the main railway station in Prague with the homeless and the oppressed.

In the midst of darkness, his message is always a message of hope and faith in God. Many receive miracles and healings, deaf ears are opened, the blind see, the crippled walk again…those with cancer, heart and breathing problems are healed. Many give testimonies of immediately healing or relief in their bodies.

It was in May 2017, that the Lord visited Martin Njamba and rekindled the passion to preach the gospel to the lost. In a vision God showed him multitudes of people perishing and landing in hell fire and the Lord warned him of the consequences that awaits him-if he preaches not the gospel of Jesus Christ – from that day till now all he lives for, is to spread the gospel of Christ to the ends of the Earth.