Newsletter 2017


Early this morning I was taken by the Spirit of the Lord and brought before the Lord Jesus Christ and immediately in the Spirit I began to speak before God with tears in my eyes how people on the Earth are perishing without Christ and landing in hell fire. Then I said again with tears in my eyes Lord do something to save those who are perishing on the Earth, for you did not die in vain. And the Lord spoke to me that those who are called to preach the gospel of salvation, if they preach not now, many souls will perish and they can not go back and correct the grave mistake of not preaching the Word of God. And I saw hell fire(judgement) also for those whom God had send to preach but they were not doing what God had send them to do. I knew was also one of them.

And while I was speaking with the Lord I had an urgent in my heart to go out from His presence and preach the word of God to the unsaved souls, without any further delayment. Yes, it is time for us all to share Jesus everywhere and whenever, before it is too late. Now I understand what Apostle Paul said woe is me if I don’t preach the gospel.

Martin Njamba
Fresh Fire For All Nations
United Kingdom
Tel: 00447552411419

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