Newsletter: 13th December 2017


I am excited as I write this email to you. Thought it’s late in the night – but it’s worthy it. I have been working and focusing on the LUSAKA MIRACLE CRUSADE ZAMBIA 2018. Which I strongly believe will be the beginning of our International Miracle Crusades. See link:

I am convinced there is nothing that matters the most in the heart of God other than seeing the gospel preached and souls eternally saved. The Devil will do everything to distract and hinder us from preaching the gospel. For I am Convinced as we preach and support the preaching of the gospel, God will do the following three things:

1. He will deliver and save those to whom the gospel is preach to – that is if they the message of the cross.

2.He will deliver and save those who have supported the preaching of the gospel – for there is a special reward to those who support the preaching of the gospel. For you were not born without a godly assignment. You have an assignment to do for God. Such that on the day of Judgement, we will be rewarded according to our faithfulness to the calling.

3. God will deliver and save those whom have obey to preach the gospel whenever and wherever God sends them.
If you cannot go and preach you can become one of our first 10 Kingdom Partners to be praying and supporting the preaching of the gospel on monthly basis. God has challenged to believe Him for the first 10 Kingdom Partners before I could believe for 100 or a 1000 Kingdom Partners. So far two have agreed. Remaining 8 more. There is also a special email database for Kingdom Partners. Should you be willing to become a Kingdom Partner please fill free to email us on

Back to the Lusaka Miracle Crusade: The Ground is already secured. We will have to get big spot lights, hire instruments (Latter we will have to purchase equipment that will be stationed in Zambia). Our focus in Africa will be more in central Africa that is – Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda Malawi Congo, Botswana, Mozambique and Malawi. Please continue to pray for the crusade and the ministry. Remember we are living in the End Times…and soon Jesus is coming back. In a moment, in a twinkling of an eye we will be raptured – gone home Heaven. Therefore, let us focus on heavenly things.
May the grace and the peace of God Almighty be multiplied upon your life.

Yours in Christ,

Martin Njamba

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