Newsletter: 25/01/2018

Greeting in you in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We pray and hope all is well. Most of you on this emailing database came to know our ministry through various conferences we have done in the Czech Rep, such as Euro Fire Miracle Conferences and other Christian Events.
I have two important news to let you know.
Fresh Fire For All Nations UK, is officially registered in United Kingdom. Please note: Fresh Fire For All Nations in the Czech Rep will always operate as long as I live–because it was in the Czech Rep, I got born again and got baptised with His Fire. And also the ministry began in the Czech Rep. We will continue to do conferences and other Christian activities in the Czech Rep Has the Holy Spirit leads us. We have offices in Prague. And in the fullness of time Pastor Benny Hinn will return to the Czech Rep.

It is of a great Joy to let you know that our ministry is now more focused in the organising of crusades; beginning with the April Zambia Miracle Crusade 2018 of which you can be a part by:
1.Praying for the crusades in Zambia,
2.supporting the crusade as the Holy Spirit leads you.
3.Finally, you can travel with us to Zambia and be a part of these crusades. For more information: Click Here

On the same time for those who do not know, I am currently based in Scotland United Kingdom, were I have been involved in a number of street Evangelism. I have witnessed many peoples lives changed and transformed right on the streets.
Watch some videos: Click here
And now I am preparing for Zambia where several thousands of people are expected to come.
Remember, Jesus is coming soon, we are living in the End days. Looking forward to hearing from you.
God bless you,
Martin Njamba and Fresh Fire For All Nations Team

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